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Winchester Wheelmen



The Winchester Wheelmen Bicycle Club was founded in 1973. The club is a non-profit volunteer-led organization that promotes bicycling in Frederick County, VA by leading rides, conducting cycling classes and cycling outreach activities.
  • We are a non-profit organization.

  • We are cycling advocates for all cyclists, mountain bike riders, road bike riders and families.
  • We allow the use of battery, pedal-assist E-Bikes (Class 1 and Class 3) on our group rides. Class 2 E-Bikes with a twist throttle are NOT covered by club insurance and NOT allowed on rides (NO exception).
  • Membership runs coincidentally with the calendar year, with the year beginning on January 1st ending December 31st.

  • We no longer have the WW map booklet from 1987 available. Most maps are now available on "Ride with GPS" under the Wheelmen account.

  • The club is called Winchester Wheelmen because of the ties to the national organization, League of American Bicyclists (LAB). The predecessor name to the national organization was League of American Wheelmen (LAW), hence “Winchester Wheelmen”. We still secure club cycling insurance through LAB. That’s what part of your dues go to.

  • Dues are spent in different ways by the club in different years. Though we might not do a club picnic in a particular year, we spend money in the community to support cycling (trail maintenance tools, helmet purchases, donations to events, etc.); this is done by vote at club meetings. 

  • Election of officers:

    President: Ken Tenney
    Vice President: Jason Waymire
    Treasurer: Robert Golightly
    Secretary: Andrea Cosans
    Ride Coordinator: Robert Golightly
    Newsletter: Ken Tenney
    Webmasters: Kevin Williams and Wolfgang Winzer

    We hold the election of officers at the December dinner banquet. Non-elected positions in the club are webmaster and newsletter editor. These positions were not included in the charter for the club when it was incorporated in the 1980’s. To change the charter would be problematic, so these simply remain non-elected positions.

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Photo Credit: Renee Lynn Photography

Photo Credit: Renee Lynn Photography

Winchester Wheelmen

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