December Club Meeting

Our December meeting was also the annual banquet. It was held at I.J. Canns American Grill in Creekside on 12 December 2016. There were about 40 members in attendance.

Awards and Acknowledgements

  • Winchester Wheelmen “Wheelmen of the Year”: Jason Tresidder for his dedicated and succinct guidance of the club throughout the year.
  • Most Improved Rider: Dan White for getting noticed on evening rides as moving up through the field to finish strongly at the end of the season.
  • Robert Golightly and Ed Duncan were the great event directors, as usual.
  • Robert Morris provided yet another eloquent blessing for meal and event, including recognition of club member Dan Warren’s passing in early October, 2016.

Club officers for 2017

  • President: Ken Tenney
  • Vice President: Bruce Taylor
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Hanson
  • Secretary: Pat Bacuros


Notes from the Editor

I have a few notes of interest to most club members as we start a new calendar year.

  • We are supposed to roll over to a new, quarterly format for the newsletter. This will be delayed a bit as the timing is poor to start the riding season in March, 2017, with insufficient information at this time. We’ll get there! We will try to have a separate riding schedule release each month in the quarterly cycle.
  • We came up short on banquet receipts vs. the number of people who committed to attending and paid for the event. If you indicated you would attend, your place was paid for out of requirement by the restaurant. That is a shortfall for the club. Please make arrangements to compensate the club for that place setting.
  • With the cost of an annual banquet being relatively high and possibly excluding some of those who might like to attend, we will be discuss a low key potluck-style dinner in its place. Any input is welcomed.
  • We have some shift in officer positions for the 2017 calendar year. Ken Tenney was elected club president as Jason Tresidder stepped down to family and work schedule conflicts for time. Bruce Taylor has been elected club vice president and is a first time officer. Jonathan Hanson will continue to be club treasurer, as Pat Bacuros will continue to be club secretary.
  • The club has some non-officer positions that are filled by a couple of devoted members: Robert Golightly continues as Ride Coordinator and Justin Larsen continues as Webmaster.
  • If you ordered a club WW jersey, your jersey can be picked up from Blue Ridge Bicycles after 02 Jan 2017. There are extra jerseys for sale at $68each (at cost).
  • We need physical WW waiver forms from every club member, regardless of membership method. Please send in the waiver when registering for the new calendar year.
  • Registration forms and electronic registration can be found at the WW website, though these need to be updated for 2017. Please give us until the end of the first week in January for these to be updated.
  • Lastly, please recall that this club is made up and driven by its membership. Please volunteer to lead rides and participate whenever possible, as doing so enhances your social circle and enhances everyone’s experience.

Ken Tenney