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September Club Meeting

Minutes provided by Secretary, Charmaine Shaw.
Wheelmen met this September for short mountain bike ride at Sherando Park with a casual meeting after. This was well attended and thanks to Shawn for leading, and to Chuck Rumsey for giving us special treatment at park, and finally to Robert and Ed for providing snacks for after ride and for a few of us after our walk.

Topics addressed:

  • WW Banquet to be held at Winchester Country Club. Cost is $35. This cause is slightly subsidized by the club at $3/attendee.
    • Date: November 9, 2015. Social hour at 6:00; dinner at 7:00pm.
    • Emcee by Robert Golightly and Ed Duncan
    • A great way to end the year and enjoy friends.

  • Jersey Update Jerseys were ordered the first weekend of September, so should be in by the latter part of October (due 4-6wks after being ordered.

  • Club officers needed! President, Treasurer, Secretary

  • It was decided and voted upon to donate $100 to the town of White Post to help them with their efforts to keep lamps lit at night. Many riders start rides form White Post Restorations and personal donations can be left in box provided as well.

  • Mark Hoyle presented info on new mountain biking regionally. (See separate item).

  • Jon Hicks discussed the AppleCross cyclocross bicycle race weekend and requested for volunteers to help out with the race. (See separate item.)

The Engine

We have all heard cyclists referred to as having big engines – Fabian Cancellara and Tony Martin come to mind. The engine mentioned is the cardio-pulmonary system, but more specifically, the heart. In the absence of lung disease, anemia, or some unusual medical condition, cardiac output is the primary limiter for aerobic sports. Other than the smooth muscle layer in small airway walls and pulmonary arterioles, there is no muscle to train in the lungs. Power has become the gold standard for measuring fitness, but there is no direct physiologic measurement for power like there is for cardiac output or arterial oxygen content. Rather, power is an indirect measurement, using strain gauges to show how well the engine can supply power to the pedals. When all is said and done, it’s mostly about the engine.

- Dave Albecker

Colorado’s $100 Million Bike Plan

Las Vegas Interbike Show: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced the state’s commitment of more than $100 million over the next four years for bike programs.

“Our goal is to make Colorado the best state for biking in the country, which will help fuel our robust economic growth and tourism industry, move us toward a cleaner environment and advance our goal of being the healthiest state in the nation,” said Hickenlooper, who gave the keynote address at Interbike in September.

Colorado is often ranked the fittest state, and was recently ranked the most physically active state in the country. But the state still has an obesity rate of 23%. A nationwide study found that kids only spend 4 – 7 minutes outside in unstructured play every day, but spend 7 – 10 hours a day staring at video screens. Biking is one of the ways Colorado is aiming to change these stats.

The four year plan and $100 million budget will allow Colorado to put more bikes in people’s hands and make it safer to ride bikes by adding bike lanes and improving driver education.

“We want to encourage riders of all shapes, sizes, and abilities by making biking as safe and accessible as possible statewide,” said Ken Gart, a former retailer who Hickenlooper has appointed Colorado’s bike czar. “With more than 5,000 miles of biking trails throughout the state, and events like Pedal The Plains and the U.S.A. Pro Challenge, Colorado is poised to take this lead.”

Tim Blumenthal, the president of PeopleForBikes , which is based in Boulder, said “Today, more than ever, PeopleForBikes is proud to call Colorado home. We will be excited to see the ripple effect across the country that Colorado’s commitment can generate. Which states will take Colorado’s announcement as a healthy challenge?”

What say you Virginia? We are listening!

Seven Bends State Park

From club member Mark Hoyle: To Shawn and everyone at the Wheelmen meeting last night (14 Sept 2015), thank you for giving me the opportunity to share news about the new state park being built near Woodstock, Va: Seven Bends State Park. I will highlight some of the items from last night for anyone not able to hear me clearly or for those not attending. First of all, please allow me to introduce myself for those who I don't already know. My name is Mark Hoyle, a resident of the Winchester area for over 12 years. I have 2 sons, 12 and 14, who are budding mountain bikers. In fact, the older one helped me and Justin Larsen extensively when we were building many of the now closed trails at 3rd Winchester. I haven't been very involved with the Wheelmen, but with a change in my job situation that frees up some valuable time, I hope to become much more involved in the local biking community.

Now for the new Seven Bends State Park. This park will be 1,066 acres and lies on the western slope of Massanutten mountain, bordering the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. It also borders the Lee district of the GW National Forest which has 189,000 acres. The leadership from Andy Guest, including the individuals who fully support mountain biking and developed the trails there, are over the new park and fully support the mountain biking community. Locally, in Woodstock, a group named Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah is also very involved in developing the new park. They are also very supportive of mountain biking in the park and are particularly interested in the tourism this could bring to the town of Woodstock. In addition, the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) out of Harrisonburg is involved in developing the trail network. It is important to point out that the SVBC has extensive experience in designing and building trails and working seamlessly with both state and federal agencies. They heavily involved IMBA in developing the trail networks on Massanutten's Western slopes outside Harrisonburg and connecting these trails, which are all on private property, to trails in the GW forest. If you ever want to get a sampling of their trails, let me know and we can take a quick trip to Harrisonburg. Finally, one of the key trail designing resources for IMBA lives in Harrisonburg and will be involved in the trail system development. This has the potential to become a very special place!

As of now, only some basic trails are being built. Once the leaves fall, Kyle Lawrence, President of the SVBC, will work with the state park leadership and Concha Mendoza from the Friends of the North Fork organization and IMBA to walk the property in depth, analyze trail building opportunities, and put together a long-term master plan for trails. The ultimate vision for these trails would be to develop a system of trails that climbs the mountainside in different fashions for differing riding styles and abilities. There will be easy, rolling trails by the river, moderate climbs dodging as much of the technical terrain as possible, more difficult technical climbs, fast swoop downhills, technical downhills and everything in between. The trails can cross between the state park and the national forest and will ultimately lead up the Massanutten trail and Woodstock Fire Tower. This will allow the rider to continue on the ridge ago connect with the Harrisonburg trails... truly an epic ride!

With Winchester only being 30 minutes away, roughly the same distance as Harrisonburg, Kyle, of the SVBC, asked me as a member of both bike clubs to reach out to the Winchester mountain biking crowd and gauge interest in participating in the planning, development, and building of the Seven Bends trail network in conjunction with the SVBC and the state park. Please let me know if you would like to participate, maybe we can all meet again and discuss possibilities, go for a ride with the SVBC crowd in Harrisonburg and let you see what is possible, and get a plan in place. In the meantime, showing interest to the state park matters. The link below allows you to sign up as a volunteer for trail building at the new park:{FD581D20-F481-483E-962F-BC8A768476ED} The trick here is that the new park is not yet on the list, so sign up for Andy Guest Shenandoah Park and follow the prompts. There will be a place where you can note that you want to volunteer for trail building at the Seven Bends State Park.

Also, the Friends of the North Fork are working to get the park ready and, as their name implies, are focusing on getting the river corridor ready. There is a river cleanup there October 10 being led by Concha Mendoza ( It would be a great way to get the opportunity to see the new park first hand and to start building some connections with the good people in Woodstock.

I can see, as can the people in Harrisonburg and Woodstock, the area becoming even more of a destination for mountain bikers with the proper development of the new Seven Bends State Park. Done right, it will draw visitors to stay in the Woodstock area hotels, eat in their restaurants and visit the micro-breweries opening there now. Hopefully this will then continue migrating north so that we truly turn the northern Shenandoah Valley into a great mountain biking destination. Please call or email me with any questions or let me know if you want to go for a ride!

Mark Hoyle, 540-247-6999,

AppleCross 2015

Jon Hicks seeking volunteers for AppleCross:
As you may or may not know, the date for Winchester AppleCross has been changed to November 21-22, 2015. YES, that’s two days instead of one! Based on the popularity of our race and the need to add an additional race to the Sportif Cross Cup series, we are expanding to a full weekend of cyclocross in the city.

November 21st will be race #6 of the Sportif Cross Cup series, which is the series that I am the director of. November 22 will again be part of the Super 8 series and will be race #7 of this long running series. We already have groups rates set up at the Hampton Inn beside the park as well as a new title sponsor in Subaru
4 of Winchester. This will surely be the biggest and best AppleCross event to date and we can certainly use your help.

I am planning a work/cleanup day on November 14th and will use the 15th as a rain date or if we need a little more time. Much of what will need done on that day is to clear the area where the course will run of nuts and glass. With the additional day, there will be some changes to the course between days so I expect to use some parts of the park that have never been used to date. These will need a good going over to ensure there is no glass around.

Race weekend will begin on Friday morning when we will be taping off the course and setting up for the weekend. There will be a big need for support on that day as we have LOTS to do in addition to simply running course tape along where the courses will travel.

On both race days (11/21-22), we will need to monitor any course crossings, support registration, repair broken tape along the course and being a runner between registrations of the officials. We’ll also need folks to help with the planned hot apple cider and roaring fire (let’s just hope it’s cool to really enjoy the fire!)

After racing is complete on Saturday (11/21), I will need a handful of people to repair the parts of the course to be used again on Sunday as well as connecting Sunday’s course. We will also use this time to remove the parts of Saturday’s course which will not be used on Sunday. I expect all of this to only take a few hours.

After racing is complete at 4pm on Sunday (11/22), it will be “ALL HANDS ON DECK” as we will need to break down the course and pack up the trailer (or trailers) as soon as possible so the next event can take the trailer to their location. Many of you know how much work there is and how quickly it goes with a large number of people. And, due to the time of year, we will be short on available light after the last race is completed at 4pm.

So this is the “official” call for volunteers. If you are able to assist during any of the times mentioned above, please respond directly to me at with the dates and times you will be available. To refresh your memory, the dates and times needed are below.

Thank you for your support in helping to make Winchester AppleCross the premiere event it has become.

Dates/Times needed:
November 14: 8:00am until finished or 5:00pm
November 15: Raindate for 11/14
November 20: 8:00am until finished
November 21: 7:00am - 5:30pm
November 22: 7:00am - 6:00pm
November 23: Course rehabilitation as needed

Jon Hicks
Sportif Coaching Group

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