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March Club Meeting
We will be at El Centro Restaurant, N. Loudoun St., Winchester, VA 22601, for the monthly meeting on Monday, March 9th, 2015. Dinner/social hour is at 6:00pm with the business meeting beginning around 7:00pm. Please RSVP by Sunday the 8th if you plan to attend; RSVPs should be sent to Charmaine Shaw at or at 540-550-1177. Some items to be discussed at the March mtg. are:

  • Renewal of the Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride for the Boys and Girls Club in 2015; Heather Forman to be present.
  • A new WW jersey design underway with Brian Straightiff guiding the project.
  • IMBA membership.
  • VBF and LAB memberships.

January Club Meeting

The January club meeting was held at El Centro on January 12th, 2015. There were 26 members in attendance. Minutes kindly provided by Secretary, Charmaine Shaw.

  • Treasurer's Report - Checking: $309 - Savings: $2,511 - WWRT : $1,082
  • Officer elections. No oppositions no one stepped down. Was motioned and voted to keep current officers.
  • Robert Golightly and Cindy Quinnelly update on Maine trip. One house is full. Possibility of second house if people that are interested take care of own arrangements. 11 members confirmed going. (Late UPDATE: 2 openings exist in the 2nd house. Please contact Robert Golightly if interested at 540-535-9986.).
  • Was motioned by club member Diane Walker that Wheelmen submit letter of concern about road safety due to recent death of cyclist.
  • WW Banquet to be changed to Nov for 2015 in hopes of less conflict for holiday activities during Dec.
  • A large social group attended the meeting; Joy MacDonald's daughter attended to thank and meet people her mother spent time with.
  • A ghost bike was placed at the intersection of Stewart Street and Handley Blvd. to mark the location and act as a reminder for the death of Kevin Doherty.

2015 Membership Renewal

Please fill out the accompanying form for membership renewal in 2015, if you haven't already. Membership fees for all club members are $15, whether submitting as an individual or as a family. Without renewal, the March 2015 newsletter will be the last you'll get until renewal. (Please note any e-mail or physical mailing address changes.)

The Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride is Back!

Mike Perry has been in contact with Heather Forman of the Boys and Girls Club. It's just been resolved that the Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride will be back in 2015! We're looking for support from the entire club. It has been a great event in the past. Mike has asked Heather Forman to talk with the club about the event's plan at our March meeting. The ride is scheduled for Sunday, June 7th.

Where & When: June 7, Valley Health Wellness & Fitness Center, 401 Campus Blvd, Winchester, VA 22601

Start time is 9:00 a.m. for the 30, 50 & 70 Mile rides.
Start time is 9:10 a.m. for the 10 Mile ride.

The website for the 2015 will go live for registration on Monday, March 2, 2015. The website URL will be released as soon as it becomes available.

Cycling Forums

During the last eight months, I have been frequenting two cycling forums: Velocipede Salon and The Paceline Forum. Although not the only forums out there, these two seem to be the main ones. They both have general discussion sections where you can share and get information on all aspects of cycling as well as classified sections where you can buy and sell. Each seems to have its own strengths: Velocipede Salon has more frame builders that contribute information, but The Paceline Forum has more classified listings. Both have members that have contributed thousands of posts and they are both worth a look.

- Dave Albecker

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