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Heritage Ride 2015

After a year's absence, the Boys and Girls Club Heritage Ride returned with success. There were 115 registered riders for this year's event, and, although smaller than the previous event , it was a success in so many ways. First, donations were up, making the event one of the top three fund raisers for the Boys and Girls Club this year—probably number one! Second, the weather was beautiful and everyone came back in smiling and saying they had a wonderful ride. Third, helmets off to our local police forces, Winchester City Police, Frederick County Sheriff's Department, and, of course, the State Police and their motorcycle unit.

I personally want to again thank all of my Wheelmen friends who donated so generously to the kids. We were able to give the kids new bikes, helmets, jerseys, cycling gloves, and rear flashing lights. The kids loved everything and had a great time throughout the whole event which started for them on May 5th when they started their training rides every Tuesday and Thursday. We had snacks and cold drinks for them each day. They were like horses headed for the barn when we reached our turn around point. Marcus and Christian went for the grape soda, and Miles always picked up his "beer," root beer that is, and Shawnai loved the ice cold water. They are a special group of kids who have high hopes, all looking to go to college after finishing high school. If there is a way, I think they will find it. The Boys and Girls Club is a success story that goes way beyond what I ever thought it offered. I had a friend hand me some money to give to the club. As she did, she simply said "I am a product of that club." She is now a successful businesswoman in Winchester and has her son attending college as a junior next year.

Thanks again to Ed Duncan, Shawn and Nancy Carrico, Dwight Cooper, Mike Underwood, Jon Hicks, Phillip Edinborough, Dave Adsit, Dave Porter, and Ken Tenney for your donations. A special thank you goes out to all the Wheelmen who came out for our training rides. And, a big thank you to all of you who came out and rode the Heritage Ride with us. We can do good things when we work together.

- Mike Perry

Road Worlds Championships

The last and only time that the Worlds were held in the United States was in 1986 in Colorado Springs. Greg Lemond won the Worlds road race in Chambery, France, in 1989, and Lance Armstrong won in Oslo, Norway in 1993. And, now the Worlds are coming to Richmond, Virginia, in September, from the 19th thru the 27th. This is about as close as it gets folks. It would be easy enough to do a day trip to see one of the venues with Richmond only three hours away.

To find out more about the upcoming Worlds, go to Most race packages are sold out, but day tripping is still an option. This is your chance to see the world's best cyclists up close and live. It is bound to be an exciting event.

Paris and Bicycles

PARIS: The French capital has long been synonymous with cycling and as the final stage of the Tour de France, but it often crippled by traffic congestion and, at times, a deep blanket of smog. But Paris's mayor, Anne Hildago, and the City Council, have approved a $164 million plan to double its bike lanes to 870 miles, create 10,000 secure parking spaces for bicycles, and offer financial incentives to boost bicycle and e-bike sales. Hildago hopes to triple the percentage of trips made by bikes from 5% to 15% by 2020.

At the same time, city officials want to sharply curtail the speed on city streets to 18mph. "This plan will create a new form of tourism in Paris that is booming elsewhere," said Chritophe Najdovski, deputy mayor for transport. On March 23, 2015, air pollution was so bad that only cars with odd number license plates could enter the city. Paris has been suffering from unprecedented levels of smog due to unseasonably warm weather. Subsidies for cars using diesel also exacerbated the problem.

Other European cities have been dealing with similar issues. Athens is under a smog alert almost weekly. The Swiss have laws already on the books that allow for odd/even tag driving days when air quality takes a hit. Are we next?
This report comes from Bicycle Retailer magazine, June 2015.

MS 150 Recap

We did not have a big group at the MS 150 this year, but we did have a big heart in the form of Dan Gloster who raised $3500 for the Blue Ridge Chapter of the National M.S. Society. And just to make sure he got his money's worth, Dan did a century both days. That is a great effort in all respects. Way to go Dan! We're proud of you.

Bicycle Fun Rally

Tentatively scheduled for August 9th, we are planning on a special bicycle event that involves a variety of fun things to do while riding a bicycle and, some, while not riding. We will be looking for Wheelmen and their friends/family who will work together as two-person teams (can be a tandem) to score points while participating in cycling activities and cycling searches. There will be prizes for the teams that score the most points. The only requirements are that you be able to ride 25 -30 miles comfortably, have a camera or phone capable of taking viewable pictures, wear a helmet, and be of firm mind and sound body or at least close. You will be the one who determines if you qualify. It will also help to have a good sense of humor in case you don't duck in time. Just kidding about the ducking, I think. This Rally will start and end at 2228 Papermill Road. Bathrooms and cold refreshments and snacks will be available at the start/finish.

More details will be coming in your August newsletter. You will be asked to R.S.V.P. so that prizes, supplies, and cold drinks will be available for everyone.

Club Meeting Report and Notes

Our June club meeting was held at the church pavilion on Apple Pie Ridge Road across from the elementary school. Ed Duncan and Robert Golightly provided some great food and beverages to start things off. The road ride was cancelled due to rain, but it did not stop folks from coming out to eat and share ideas as we had about 20 to 25 members attend.

The club business meeting portion of the event included discussions about the Green Circle, insurance and club liability, Race Team funds, and new club jerseys. There was no treasurer's report at the time of the meeting.

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