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Club news

March Club Meeting
The April club meeting was held at Shawn and Nancy Carrico’s home. Minutes kindly provided by Secretary, Charmaine Shaw.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Nancy Jo Carrico)
    - Checking: $340
    - Savings: $2,511
    - WWRT : $1,081

  • Brian Straightiff gave an update on customized WW club jerseys and group agreed to move forward in the process with company Brain is working with. To keep process as efficient as possible, past graphics already available will be used to create two jersey ideas that members can then vote on. Club members Matt DeRosiers and Jamie Sloan of Winchester Imaging offered to sponsor part of jersey and a Winchester Imaging graphic will be included.

  • Due to very little interest in MS 150 this year, there will be no official WW team represented although there may be several individuals going on their own. Doug Sloan suggested possibly supporting another ride/cause in 2016.

  • Unfortunately, Mike and Rosalie Perry were unable to attend meeting but an update via e-mail was obtained for the Heritage Ride. Upon approval of Wheelmen helmets for the Boys and Girls riding will be donated by us as is the tradition. As of right now all riders have bike sponsorship with a couple back-ups if needed. Mike will be starting practice rides and will keep us updated as to when. Looking for high attendance from Wheelmen riders if possible! (See separate listing.)

  • Middle Road Litter Pick up for adopt a highway will be posted by Charmaine Shaw as impromptu. Wheelmen are responsible for two mile section on Middle Rd between Relief Church and Richards Fruit Market. (The work was done on the 22nd of April and here is Charmaine’s note of thanks, as posted to the WW Google Group: “Wanted to thank the club members that came out and cleaned our section of Middle Road through the Adopt A Highway program. I did not get a final bag count, as I have in the past...but there were many. We should have another pickup in about two months or if the need arises sooner. Thanks again! It turned out to be a pretty evening and not as wet as I thought it was going to be.”

  • There was a short discussion concerning development in White Post and possible effect on group rides in that area. Diane Walker has information on that topic. (See separate listing.)

  • Robert Golightly gave update on Maine trip. 11 people are going. Carpooling will be worked out.

  • Robert Golightly initiated a discussion concerning re adopting Vance’s Cove as a club. Members would be responsible for occasional trail maintenance. This is a popular spot for mountain biking and hiking. Members present voted in favor of adopting Vance’s cove. For more information on area and trail care contact Robert at

  • Winchester Wheelmen will again host a members’ metric ride on September 13, 2015. Ride organized by Robert Golightly and sponsored by Tire Outfitters and Ed Duncan.

Boys and Girls Club Ride (Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride)

The following is a message that Mike Perry posted to the WW Google Group on April 23, 2015:

Great news! Thanks to the generosity of Wheelmen members, we have all of the kids’ bikes paid for as well as getting them new jerseys, gloves, helmets, water bottles and cages, and rear safety lights. A special thank you to Shawn and Nancy Carrico, Ed Duncan, Dwight Cooper, Mike Underwood, Jon Hicks, Phillip Edinborough, Dave Adsit, and former member, Dave Porter. You have helped make this a special event.

Now, I am asking all of you, who can, to sign up for the ride, the 7th Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride, in support of the Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Shenandoah Valley coming this June 7th. ( And, to go a step further, ask your friends to join us and to network with their friends in order to make this a successful event. We are getting started a little late this year, but we have some good sponsors and support. We want to see this event to come back and stay as the premier cycling event in our area for cyclists of all abilities. Over the past six years we have had a lot of kids take part in this event. Out of this group of about 40 kids, all of them finished high School, six have gone on to college. The Boys and Girls Club makes a positive difference in kids’ lives. Join us for a good ride and a good cause.

- Mike Perry

PS We will start training rides with the kids on May 5th and continue every Tuesday and Thursday until event day. You are welcome to join us for a 10 to 15 mile ride at an easy pace. Rides start at Blue Ridge Bicycles at 6:00 pm and finish around

Ride in Memory of Joy MacDonald

On Friday, May 22nd, we will hold a White Post ride in memory of Joy starting at 6:00PM. We are going to do a potluck dinner afterwords in the grassy area next to the Auto Restorations parking lot. Bring a chair/and or blanket as there is only one picnic table there. We will need people to bring the following:

  • cups & paper plates
  • plastic silverware & napkins
  • soft drinks/lemonade
  • cold vegetable salad
  • cold fruit salad or sliced fresh fruit
  • hot vegetable or other hot side dish
  • rolls/bread & butter
  • dessert
  • ice & bottled water

Other "types" of drinks are an individual bring. If your dish needs refrigeration while we read, please bring it in a cooler. I thought I would buy baked or fried chicken from Costco (I think they have fried) or bake ham for our meat dish. Everyone could just give me a little money towards the meat to help defray my expense. If I have forgotten a category, please let me know. I left out appetizers on purpose as I figured we might end up eating and drinking and never get out of the parking lot for the ride.

Please e-mail me ( as to what you are bringing as well as post it on the website so people can see what we need. Thanks so much! Hope to see a lot of the club out for this ride and get-together in Joy's memory.

- Susan Walker

Bikes with Motors

Although rumors about the pros having motors installed in their bikes have been around since 2010, the UCI must be taking the matter seriously because it quarantined dozens of bikes after Milan SanRemo to check for this very thing. Bikes tested were from Trek Factory Racing, Tinkoff-Saxo, Etixx-Quickstep, and supposedly Astana, along with the bikes of the podium finishers. Since certain teams were targeted more than others, one could assume that there was some reason for suspicion. As it turns out, the technology for this exists and is available to the public in these Vivax-Assist bikes. The little motor shown adds 200 watts which, according to the testers, provides a real increase in speed. The problem I see with the set-up in the article is that the battery is large and the pros do not tend

- Dave Albecker

Morgan’s Ford Bridge

From club member Diane Walker:

I am writing to let you know that our beloved White Post ride is soon to be dramatically impacted. A housing development is planned in Warren County, with approximately 600 houses and a new school as well as a new Valley Health Hospital Complex. To accommodate this new traffic, a new bridge is planned to replace the low water bridge over Morgan’s Ford. As you may know, this connects directly to Milldale Road, which is part of the White Post loop. The replacement bridge would not offer a lane for cyclists or pedestrians.

A group of concerned citizens has been working to see an alternative, lower cost bridge, which would designate a lane cyclists and pedestrians, but this alternative solution, which was backed by the Piedmont Environmental Council, has been defeated.

I have attached a three page White Paper for you to read, which describes this in more detail. Also of note is the fact that this bridge will impact an area of historic interest, where a group of freed slaves lived in the late 1700’s and beyond. It was known as Leedstown, but also more locally known as Smoketown. There has not yet been archaeological exploration of this area, and it should be preserved.

What we can do as a bike club is bring light and attention to this matter. The more people that know about this and can express their outrage, the better. This is a regional issue with broad statewide implications. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers. Contact your elected officials in Richmond.

If anyone would like to join me in a meeting that I plan to schedule with Senator Jill Vogel, please let me know.

Thank you,
Diane Walker

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