Treasurer’s Report

  • Checking: $1,834.44
  • Saving: $1,442.76
  • Cash: $95.00

Discussion Items

  • All insurance has been paid for through LAB for American Specialty coverage.
  • Adopt-a-Highway renewal was done by Jonathan and more information will be coming in the next month.
  • T-shirts will be covered at the April or May meeting. (Are there any Adobe Illustrator users who can help with this project? We have the pieces; we just need someone capable of putting them together for a good softcopy file.)
  • Covered the April ride schedule and Josh Lewis covered rides that are going to be put on by Element Sports over the next months.

2018 Membership Renewal

Please fill out the accompanying form for membership renewal in 2018, if you haven’t already. Membership fees for all club members are $20, whether submitting as an individual or as a family. (Please note any e-mail or physical mailing address changes.) Please do note that as a condition of LAB insurance compliance, we require physical, signed waivers from all club members. (If you’ve already submitted application for renewal w/o the waiver, please follow up with a club officer.)

Future Weekend Rides or Events