January/February Meetings

The February executive committee meeting – 21 February 2017.

Discussion Items:

March Meeting: Scheduled for Tuesday 07 March @ Brewbakers – 6:00pm in the back room (fireplace); a) beat daylight saving time change b) different venue c) better schedule for some members.

PO Box: Jonathan to pay yearly renewal fee; 2017 fee is $68.

Jerseys: Remaining jerseys at Blue Ridge Bicycles. They are paid for so please pick up your Jersey at your earliest convenience. There are extra jerseys available for $68.

Christmas Party 2016: Outstanding balance a club member, asking him to mail $35 to Jonathan Hanson. Christmas Party cost the organization $112 out of pocket. Winchester Imaging donated $500 toward the party. We are looking to do something less expensive for everyone in 2017.

Boys and Girls Club Ride: Ride is scheduled for 04 June (Sunday); they have a new physical facility at Robinson school at south end of town; Ken will visit new location and coordinate with them. Location: Wellness Center.

Newsletter – place a one-pager for Boys and Girls Ride in our April Newsletter. The Wheelmen Newsletter will be done on a quarterly basis.

Ride Schedule – We need schedule for March prior to 07 March; Golightly will have schedule to Tenney prior to 07 March (next club meeting). Ride descriptions should contain full details when preparing your schedule. We plan to coordinate rides with rotating ride leaders on Sundays (40-50 miles to include lunch).

June 9, 10, 11 – Golightly and Duncan to host a weekend at Robert’s cabin in West Virginia’s lovely “gated community” (near Canaan). Everyone welcome to bike, hike, relax, and just an fyi, careful of the potholes when driving in. More information forthcoming in April. There will not be a summer bike trip this year.

Insurance and League of American Bicyclist – Paid $575 each for the club and officers for insurance; the league payment comes in June and will be paid at that time. No other fees besides PO Box require payment.

Website renewal: Club pays Visuallink to host the website. Tenney to check when renewal is due.

Sharon Snapp: Active member of Wheelmen Club who passed away. We will send sympathy card and donate $100 to her charity of choice: Humane Society of Warren County.

Checking: $940.38 (need to pay PO Box)

Savings: $2443.52

Summer Picnic: Club previously held a summer picnic; should be consider re-initiating this get together again.

2017 Membership Renewal

Please fill out the accompanying form for membership renewal in 2017, if you haven’t already. Membership fees for all club members are $20, whether submitting as an individual or as a family. Without renewal, the March 2017 newsletter will be the last you’ll get until renewal. (Please note any e-mail or physical mailing address changes.)

Jon Hicks has graciously allowed Winchester Wheelmen to “piggyback” on his BikeReg account for 2017.

For any club member wishing to register electronically. The URL for online registration is:


Please do note that as a condition of LAB insurance compliance, we require physical, signed waivers from all club members. (If you’ve already submitted application for renewal w/o the waiver, please follow up with a club officer.)

Tryke Assembly

Yes, that’s how it’s spelled. I apologize. The club received the note below regarding the building of Trykes for NSV AMBUCS. I followed up with Mallory and they have up to 30 student volunteers already. WW services are not needed for this event, but please look for one of these in the future (this summer or fall).

“My name is Mallory, and I have recently accepted the position of president of NSV AMBUCS. We are fortunate enough to be building 7 trykes again to give away on Saturday, March 4th. We plan to build between 5-10pm on Friday, March 3rd, and 8am-12pm (if needed) on Saturday at Shenandoahs Health Professions campus directly behind Winchester medical Center (1775 north sector court) in Room 227.

We are expecting about 5 students to be there for a majority of the time, so any additional help is appreciated! Also, if any of your guys have tool kits they are willing to share those would come in handy. Please let me know if you need any further information. We greatly appreciate any help you are able to provide again! Should you need anything I can be reached at ###-659-3614. Thank you!”

A group of us helped for the first one of these last fall, and it was easy to provide useful assistance.

The Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride on Again in 2017

Mike Perry has reports that the Boys and Girls Club that the ride is continuing in 2017. The 2016 ride was formally rained out with an informal makeup date a week later. This ride is the primary fundraising focus for the Winchester Wheelmen. We want to work to bring it back strongly in 2017.

Where & When: Sunday, 04 June 2017, Valley Health Wellness & Fitness Center, 401 Campus Blvd, Winchester, VA 22601

Start time is 9:00 a.m. for the 30, 50 & 70 Mile rides. Start time is 9:10 a.m. for the 10 Mile ride.

The website for the 2017 will be activated shortly, exact date TBD.